Brae Garage Shetland Ltd, Brae, Shetland, ZE2 9QJ | 01806522331 |

  1. Bullet Groceries

  2. Bullet Off-License Sales

  3. Bullet Daily Newspapers and Magazines

  4. Bullet Daily Bread and Milk

  5. Bullet Fresh Meat from J& K Anderson Butchers

  6. Bullet Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Produce

  7. Bullet Chilled and Frozen Foods

  8. Bullet Scoop and Fair Trade Goods

  9. Bullet Range of Local Produce

  10. Bullet ATM Cash Machine

  11. Bullet E-Top Up

Convenience Store

The Brae Garage Convenience store is a well stocked grocery store with a range of fresh produce delivered daily. Products and Services include: